Industrial floors

Industrial floors


Our products are formulated
to meet the following requirements

  • mechanical resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • temperature resistance
  • slip resistance
  • resistance to rubbing, friction, abrasion
  • clean room
  • punching
  • permeability, porosity
  • volatile outflows


Our systems are designed to include sealants and zone stops, and to limit wear to the topcoats.

We also take into account the need for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Our systems :

  • MTP Pkg
  • MTP Flex 1000, F or S
  • MTP Flex 2000, F or S
  • MTP Flex 3000, F or S
  • MTP Sol 5000, F or S
  • MTP Flex C – Conductor systems
  • MTP Mortier RB, S, G, F


MTP 5000 System

MTP 5000 system is made up of :

  • MTPrimer N or NP
  • MTSol 5000
  • Finishes adjusted according to your needs: with dappled render, slick, non-slip (R10 to R13), antistatic, mat or satin-finish, epoxy finish and/or MTPU

MTFlex 5000 is recommended for concrete supports, concrete covering.
MTFlex 5000 S is recommended for steel, wood.
MTFlex 5000 F for MTPU finish.

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