Floors for construction and building

Floors for construction and building


We offer systems for both construction and new works as well as for restoring existing floors :

  • splay recovery
  • return of old, defective or unsuitable concrete
  • repair or restoration of slabs or screeds
  • repair of paving sealants, repair of cracks
  • shaping of grooved baseboards


mortier d'époxy, réparation de dalle, remise en état de chapes, antiglissant


  • MTP Mortar RB, S, G, F, K, ESPF, SCT, 4025, 4050 …
  • MTP 5000
  • MTP Flex


MTP Mortar system

MTP Mortar system is made up of :

  • MTPrimer N
  • MTSol R, RB, S, ESPF, SCT, G, ES

And can be completed by MTP Flex system or MTP Film.

  • MTPrimer N or NP
  • MTflex 1000, 2000, 3000 ou MTSol 5000
  • Finishes adjusted according to your needs: with dappled render, slick, non-slip (R10 to R13), antistatic, mat or satin-finish, epoxy finish and/or MTPU

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